Odie (Coyote) Lofton Nasal Surgery Update


Odie (Coyote) Lofton underwent nasal sinus surgery today to address Chronic Sinusitis infections that he has been suffering for the past year.

Lofton, age 34, is the host of the Bar Talk Happy Hour on KMXC-DB – Mix Country 106 he is also the co-owner of the internet-based station in Des Moines along with his wife and producer Raven Lofton (Producer).

Doctors at a local surgery center in Des Moines were successfully able to correct Odie’s deviated septum and clean and dilate his various sinus passages.

Odie is now back at home resting and recovering and is doing well. Odie plans to take the next couple of weeks off the airwaves during his recovery.

Producer Raven is planning for Odie’s big return to the Bar Talk Happy Hour for Odie’s Big Birthday Bash Party and Livestream on December 2nd, 2023, at 6 PM CST.

Odie said, ” I want to thank all of y’all for your thoughts, prayers, and well wishes for the surgery and my recovery. I can’t wait to see you all real soon.”

Producer Raven’s comments are as follows:

“He’s got a nose job.”

“He came, he saw, he howled, he bled.”

“I still love my Coyote.”

Written by: Raven Lofton

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